LevroPump 360g

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LevroPump 360g

Product Category : Pre-Workout / NO2

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Product Description

This supplement is an advanced pre – workout, with old school ingredients and new school feel. It is designed to maximize ‘muscle pump’ and smooth energy, that will have you scooping time and time again.


What is it?

LevroPump provides your body with the just the right nutrients required for intense workout. A slilent hitter, they will have you pushing harder and going longer then before. By using old school ingredients and expertise from Kevin Levrone. LevronePump can help you achieve impressive gains and maximum pump whilst getting the most out of every training session.


What is inside?

  • 4000mg Beta Alanine - During high intensity weight training or sprint work, beta alanine can reduce the symptoms of fatigue. Additionally, supplementation with beta alanine may improve the muscular endurance

  • 3000mg Arginine alphaketoglutarate (AKG) - It can promote larger and longer lasting pumps which in turn, can help increase strength and lean muscle growth

  • 1500mg Citrulline malate - It may improve exercise performance by promoting more blood flow and nutrients to the working muscles

  • 1000mg Taurine - May increase VO2max (the maximum capacity of a person's body to transport and use oxygen) and time until exhaustion sets in, thereby buffering fatigue

  • 200mg Caffeine - Can improve endurance, mental focus and energy when your body needs it the most, just before a workout


How to use it?

Mix 1.5 scoops with 300mls of water and consume drink 20 minutes before any training.